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“We want to give clients a secure way to pay.”

Miri Rader
May 10, 2024
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Making homes brighter and payments more secure. 

Daylight Concepts brings natural daylight into homes with tubular skylights and patented technology. As the exclusive Solatube Premier Dealer in the greater Tampa Bay area, the company is committed to providing incomparable quality, price, and service.

Paula is a part of the team in charge of payments and admin for Daylight Concepts. She aims to provide customers with a seamless and secure payment experience while streamlining her own workflow. 


“Our clients don’t feel comfortable giving us their payment info over the phone.”

Previously, customers who wanted to pay by credit card had to disclose their payment information over the phone. This raised security concerns for both clients and the company.

With Truss, customers can conveniently enter their payment information through a secure online portal when paying invoices. By eliminating the need for sensitive data exchange over the phone, Daylight Concepts ensures customer security and reduces liability for client payment information.

Secure self-checkout
Bank-grade security


“Most of our clients prefer to pay via credit card.”

With a background in finance and retail, Paula knows all too well the high merchant fees associated with credit card payments. Previously, Daylight Concepts allowed clients to pay via card using Quickbooks Payments, resulting in significant percentage-based fees that added to the company's cost of goods sold.

With Truss, Daylight Concepts eliminated the fees associated with accepting card payments. Now, their clients can pay for free via ACH bank transfer or checkout via card. If the client chooses to pay via credit card, they carry the additional card fee. “Our clients like the convenience of paying via card and are okay with paying a little extra.”

Accept card payments for free
Transparent fee structure


“With checks, we essentially give customers 15 days of credit.”

As for many businesses in the construction industry, checks are still a reality, causing many headaches for Paula and her colleagues in the field. Checks have to be collected by the installers at the customer’s house, then physically brought into the office. It can take over two weeks for Paula to receive and deposit a check, unless it gets lost in the mail, further delaying the process.

Paula appreciates the simplicity and speed of collecting payments with Truss. With seamless integration with Quickbooks, Truss automatically sends payment requests for outstanding invoices and reconciles once payments are made. Paula only needs to log in once a week to review invoices statuses and account balances, saving her hours on tedious admin work: “Our monthly reconciliation of Truss accounts takes me less than 2 minutes”.

Instant access to funds
2min reconciliation

Get the latest in construction payments first.

Forever Free

It costs you nothing

Keep your contracting business moving forward with Truss.