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“Checks ruin a productive schedule.”

Miri Rader
April 17, 2024
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Full circle payments for full circle design build contractors. 

Silver Peak Design Build, located in Seattle, WA, is a premier residential remodelling contractor specializing in the Design Build Model. This approach offers clients a seamless experience by handling all aspects of a construction project from ideation to construction. 

CEO Craig is directly involved from the very beginning of a project, selling to the customer and designing concepts. Craig’s productive schedule would often get ruined by having to pick up and drop off checks for payments. With Truss, he found a full-circle payment solution, reclaiming valuable hours every week.


“Time is money.”

Before Craig found Truss, he used to pick up checks from his customers every week. Vendors often requested checks to be dropped off in person to get paid faster. Each trip would waste an hour of Craig’s time - “That’s time I could use to sell or design work”.

Truss saves him the hassle of driving around and going to the bank. Silver Peak’s clients and vendors appreciate the fast and simple payment checkout process. Payments can be sent via email or text and accepted in a few clicks - anywhere, anytime.

Initiate payments in minutes
Fast & simple payment checkout


“It’s like having another team member to reach out to.”

Initially, Craig was hesitant to switch to Truss because he knew that learning new technology can sometimes be difficult. However, using Truss was easier than anticipated. 

Not only was setting up their account straightforward and quick, thanks to the immediate support from the Truss team, but Truss also remained available and helpful, answering any questions the Silver Peak team had after onboarding.

Dedicated account management
In-house support


“Our funds go full circle with Truss.”

Truss not only streamlines Craig's workflow but also simplifies tasks for his bookkeeper, Hannah. With Truss's seamless integration with QuickBooks Online, bills and invoices are automatically imported, streamlining the process. 

Hannah can prepare draft payments in Truss, allowing Craig to effortlessly approve and dispatch payments. Upon completion, Truss automatically updates transactions as paid, removing the need for further reconciliation steps.

2-way accounting sync
Automated receivables and payables

Get the latest in construction payments first.

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